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Thursday, April 12, 2012


You want to know how packing is going??

It's not.

Of course I would decide to start packing on finals week for the two classes that I am taking.  I keep trying to talk myself into working on the house but I do feel that keeping my awesome GPA is more important.  I mean, wouldn't you rather write curriculum's, do concept maps, and integrated units instead of packing?? Exactly my dilemma.  There is no plus side. 

Is it time to eat supper yet?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Beginning - Week 1

Today will mark the first day of our packing adventure.  And by "our packing adventure" I really mean.... I am about to pack everything in the house to prepare for moving day (which of course is where the men come in to help).  Oh the joys of being a woman at home.  If you remember it was a wee 10 months ago that I was doing this exact same thing except this time, hopefully it will be a more permanent move and I will not have to look at brown moving boxes for a while. This time, I think we will do things right and get rid of half of the things that we already own.

So, where do I start?  You guessed it, clothes.

In our current apartment we have two fairly large closets upstairs dedicated to clothes.  Two large closets that are packed full with two storage containers to place the "not so important" clothes.  Not only that, we have a large dresser that contains the rest.  Yes, I believe it is time to go through them and give to those who really need.  So, Week 1 will begin with me going through all of the clothes that we do not need and get rid of them. 

Since I have attachment issues, I think I will start with the hubby's clothes.  :)

This is going to be a pretty lengthy task so I will just set myself that one goal for the week.  Anything else I get accomplished will just be me succeeding at this whole packing thing.  I'm seriously considering a career in packing/moving, I have really gotten good at it.  You would be good at it as well if you have moved four times in three years. 

Yes, there are no pictures in this post. Sorry, I'm a boring red head with only words.