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Friday, July 20, 2012

11 Week Baby Update

My last update on baby was my first update and since then I have:
Finally gotten moved out of the apartment
Took a two week vacation to the beach, and now...
I am starting to finish the last little bit of unpacking that I have to do before student teaching begins next month!!

Well, I am exhausted and I am sure that I am due another vacation but maybe it is too soon to be thinking about that! :)

Today I am 11 weeks 4 days so... here is a little update on baby!!

Last week was my first prenatal appointment and what a relief it was to see baby and hear his/her heartbeat. At the appointment, (I was 10 weeks 0 days) baby measured 9 weeks 5 days and had a fetal heart rate of 169.  He/she was kicking and moving all over the place.  I believe he/she would really like to come out and play with everyone but of course not yet!! Dadddy couldn't come to the appointment but we did get to video the ultrasound which he very much enjoyed watching the baby move and listening to the heartbeat.  I believe it was a shock to him how much our 10 week baby looked so grown... it was a shock to me as well.  I wasn't expecting to see so much! 

Our next appointment is in two weeks so we are just as excited about the next appointment! 

Since everyone wants to know what I look like... 
Well, I look exactly the same except it looks like I swallowed a little debbie cake without chewing that is sitting in between my hip bones.  Other than that, I look the same.  

Time for school work... IN MY LAST CLASS!!!... only two more weeks until I am finished!!