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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sleep!!! I need it!

I have a little time before I have to wake up but to be honest 3:30am just comes a little early for me!

This was me last Friday morning at 4am. Why so many early mornings you ask? Well... I guess I could explain that and my blogging absence in one picture and a few words.

That's right... We are moving! But hey... At least I'm going to live by big, large, scary bridges!! Like this one of course!

And get to look at water all the time woohoo!!

Obviously I'm not very good at pictures going down the road but you get the point. We are moving and I'm a little excited. But only just a little because everybody else has to stay behind! :( like these two sweet babies.

Yes! I snuck in a wedding picture! :)


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday's In The Kitchen

Well I think we all know that I am not the best in the kitchen but I am really working on it! We had sandwiches tonight so, I couldn't really mess that up! Matter of fact I think they were pretty good! But, obviously our BLT's are not what this blog is about! Those don't sound like fun huh?

Well, I am trying to incorporate some of the gifts we received for the wedding into our every day life so tonight we decided to use one of our gifts that we love!

These are the ingredients that we used. (Well actually we used more but this is what all I put out to take a picture of... this is my first time to really talk about making something food wise so give me some credit!)

Well... can you guess what we made yet??
If you guessed ice cream you would be correct... Butter Pecan to be correct!

We got our recipe from here

Here are some pictures from us having fun in the kitchen!!

Well... maybe you have noticed now that I am not exactly the one who is hard at work but at least I got pictures! To be honest most of the hard work was done by Shannon.

This ice cream maker is working extra hard tonight!! :)

The final product before it went in the freezer! And now I am about to cuddle up in my blanket and eat our butter pecan ice cream and drink my coffee and of course do school work.

Thanks for reading about our Sunday in the Kitchen! \
Sorry no wedding pictures today...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

One Month Anniversary and Father's Day

Since tomorrow will be busy and I will have no time to get online and talk about how insanely awesome my day has been I will just go ahead and make this post for today and tomorrow!!

I know it isn't a year or anything but a month is a month, right? Anyway... Happy One Month Anniversary to us!! At least we got a good laugh when the lady we paid for our supper gave me a sucker because she thought I was his child. But hey, at least she told him Happy Father's Day! haha!! :)

Oh my goodness!! It is the first wedding photo I have posted to my blog! I can't just give them to you all at once! That would just spoil the fun! So, over the next couple of... well, however long it takes me to finish going through them all... I will add a picture from the wedding.

Since this is the first time I decided to post anything about this, I guess I can give you just one more!

Happy Father's Day Daddy! I love you!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Landlords, Traveling, School... Is it break time yet?

Well, we were cooking supper tonight after the storm and I noticed water coming out from the walls in the living room. Obviously you are wondering why I am cooking supper in the living room. Well, I burned my hand pulling the cornbread out of the oven so I was dismissed. Well, that would be my cue to call the landlord so here he comes! A water hose, towel, bleach, and a mop later our air conditioner is no longer flooding the house! Thank goodness!!

Tomorrow we will be "traveling" the great state of Alabama! This means an early morning and a late night for me since I have another paper for school due next week. Which reminds me, I need to get finished with the paper I have due tonight. WHAT A PROCRASTINATER!!

Anyway, I guess it is time for school work. :( I am sure I will bring back many pictures of myself from our trip tomorrow. I just can't wait I am so excited! I mean seriously I am actually kind of excited. But, more excited for the coffee I get to drink in the morning. I really don't wake up early enough to make myself thing I need it anymore so it will be nice to get to have it in the morning!

Are you bored yet? Good news!! It is break time! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finally Home!!

Well... it has been three weeks since me and Shannon got married and I finally got home from the beach! Talk about excitement! I came home one day early so that I could surprise him! I mean he was happy to see me but there were no tears like I wanted.

I am sure I have the busiest week ahead of me tomorrow is full of driving all over the world to get my name changed and all of my other information changed. Oh and if you haven't heard, we got our marraige certificate signed today! Yes, I know three weeks and one day late but hey, at least we were legal! :)

Tuesday I will be in Alabama all day! Aliceville, Decater, Rogersville, Russellville, Florence, Muscle Shoals and all the places in between... I guess you can say an Alabama traveler.

Wednesday my parents are getting all of their new kitchen accessories. Mom got a new stove, thanks to hers catching on fire... Dad begged her for a new refrigerator... (I kind of never really understood this)... He is still working for the dishwasher but I am not sure why?! All of this is being delivered Wednesday so since I was asked, I will be there to help.

Thursday and Friday I am already calling my days. I do not want anything to be planned! I have a lot of cleaning ahead of me and a lot of things to get rid of. I desperately have a haul that will be donated Thursday or Friday. Well gosh... I just made myself a plan for my days off!

OH!!! How could I forget! I got my computer battery in the mail and of course it is working perfectly. Only problem is... the problem with my computer was not the battery it was the AC adapter so we had to go to the store tonight to buy me one so I could finish my paper for school.

I guess I should get back on that!

Pictures and More Blabber Coming Soon!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Irvin Family Beach Trip 2011

Yesterday my parents and I drove down to Fort Morgan, Alabama where we met my brother, sister-in-law and their 3 kids. It was not that bad of a ride but my dad was sick so that kind of made me not enjoy the ride as much. If you know my dad he is the happy, hyper, fun-loving guy everyone wants to be around so to see him sleep on the way (and of course having to wake him up to take him medicine) made me a little sad. But he was so darn cute!

We kept the music down so we didn't wake him and since mom insisted on listening to oldies I had my iPod working overtime.


My favorite part of every beach trip is the tunnel going through Biloxi.

Stand-still traffic did not make me happy though. :( but we finally arrived!! Bed time came early since we had driven all day.

When morning came I was greeted by a little boy playing hide and seek in my bedroom.

Later tonight I will post some pictures of the condo and tell about our day! It's nap time now!