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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sleep!!! I need it!

I have a little time before I have to wake up but to be honest 3:30am just comes a little early for me!

This was me last Friday morning at 4am. Why so many early mornings you ask? Well... I guess I could explain that and my blogging absence in one picture and a few words.

That's right... We are moving! But hey... At least I'm going to live by big, large, scary bridges!! Like this one of course!

And get to look at water all the time woohoo!!

Obviously I'm not very good at pictures going down the road but you get the point. We are moving and I'm a little excited. But only just a little because everybody else has to stay behind! :( like these two sweet babies.

Yes! I snuck in a wedding picture! :)


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