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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday's In The Kitchen

Well I think we all know that I am not the best in the kitchen but I am really working on it! We had sandwiches tonight so, I couldn't really mess that up! Matter of fact I think they were pretty good! But, obviously our BLT's are not what this blog is about! Those don't sound like fun huh?

Well, I am trying to incorporate some of the gifts we received for the wedding into our every day life so tonight we decided to use one of our gifts that we love!

These are the ingredients that we used. (Well actually we used more but this is what all I put out to take a picture of... this is my first time to really talk about making something food wise so give me some credit!)

Well... can you guess what we made yet??
If you guessed ice cream you would be correct... Butter Pecan to be correct!

We got our recipe from here

Here are some pictures from us having fun in the kitchen!!

Well... maybe you have noticed now that I am not exactly the one who is hard at work but at least I got pictures! To be honest most of the hard work was done by Shannon.

This ice cream maker is working extra hard tonight!! :)

The final product before it went in the freezer! And now I am about to cuddle up in my blanket and eat our butter pecan ice cream and drink my coffee and of course do school work.

Thanks for reading about our Sunday in the Kitchen! \
Sorry no wedding pictures today...

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