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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finally Home!!

Well... it has been three weeks since me and Shannon got married and I finally got home from the beach! Talk about excitement! I came home one day early so that I could surprise him! I mean he was happy to see me but there were no tears like I wanted.

I am sure I have the busiest week ahead of me tomorrow is full of driving all over the world to get my name changed and all of my other information changed. Oh and if you haven't heard, we got our marraige certificate signed today! Yes, I know three weeks and one day late but hey, at least we were legal! :)

Tuesday I will be in Alabama all day! Aliceville, Decater, Rogersville, Russellville, Florence, Muscle Shoals and all the places in between... I guess you can say an Alabama traveler.

Wednesday my parents are getting all of their new kitchen accessories. Mom got a new stove, thanks to hers catching on fire... Dad begged her for a new refrigerator... (I kind of never really understood this)... He is still working for the dishwasher but I am not sure why?! All of this is being delivered Wednesday so since I was asked, I will be there to help.

Thursday and Friday I am already calling my days. I do not want anything to be planned! I have a lot of cleaning ahead of me and a lot of things to get rid of. I desperately have a haul that will be donated Thursday or Friday. Well gosh... I just made myself a plan for my days off!

OH!!! How could I forget! I got my computer battery in the mail and of course it is working perfectly. Only problem is... the problem with my computer was not the battery it was the AC adapter so we had to go to the store tonight to buy me one so I could finish my paper for school.

I guess I should get back on that!

Pictures and More Blabber Coming Soon!!!

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