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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wasting Time

As I sit in front of my computer waiting on 2am to arrive so I can turn in my school work that is due tomorrow I decide to come to my blog and write about how interesting my life is. Well, it's not interesting it's actually quite boring but I guess I can waste some time!

I have been on and off with my blog for a while but I am pretty sure I have told you all that we will be moving. Because of this move I have the priviledge of packing the house into tiny boxes. Oh joy!! What fun!!

One of the most exciting things about moving is that I finally have an excuse to watch all of the movies and shows that I have recorded on the DVR. That's right, I have spent the past two days watching reruns and old movies just because I can! Tonight, I have watched a lot of Cold Case. (Which if you did not know is one of my favorite television shows! I have it recorded on every channel and as of today I have 37 new episodes which changed from 0 from last week!!)

I decided to have a break from Cold Case so I am now watching Marley and Me. I love this movie!!

Since I am bored... I will tell you some of the things that I am interested in right now. When I say interested I mean obsessed...

Hanging With Friends - I try not to play too many games because I get addicted easily but this has to be a favorite!

Pinterest -I love pinterest for all the right reasons but I need an invite badly!! If you are interested in sending me an invite my email address is jessieirvin@gmail.com

That picture was obviously not the best but I think you get it!

AllRecipes - I am not the best cook but I am desperately trying to get better!

I have to admit that I do pay each month so that I can use the menu feature that they added recently. I have found a lot of great recipes and almost all of them have turned out amazing! I say almost all of them because the Bar-B-Que that we had tonight was great but it was tough! But that was probably our fault, I think we got the wrong meat. Once again... I would like to emphasize that I am new to this!

Last but not least I would like to say that I am obsessed with my school!! University of Phoenix I have had some people say things (not nice things) about my school. Of course they want to know why I don't go to school at a traditional college since I do not have a job and if I think that I am getting a high quality education. Well yes, I do believe that I am getting an amazing education. I get the same education that you do at your traditional college except I have to research more and write more papers as well as doing the same observations and student teaching that you do. Where you have to have two concentration areas I have to have all four. So my question to you is... are you getting a high quality education? Oh and I did not answer the first part! I am moving in two weeks and I do not have to change colleges. Does your college pack up and move with you? I think not!

I think I will discontinue my rant and say what I was trying to say in the first place!!



I hope you all have a great Thursday! I only have 20 more minutes until I can turn in my Thursday assignment on Thursday (I don't want to look like too much of an overachiever) so I guess I better double check my work!

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