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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So, I haven't been here lately but I guess I will make up for it now! Since I have nothing to do I decided I would at least try to save some money for my little family so we started couponing. I thought I would share with you what all I have gotten in the past two weeks. Of course I am not a professional and I wouldn't even say that I am close to being like the people that you hear about or see on television but for two weeks I would say that I have done pretty good.

2 Five Star One Subject, 1 pkg. Ten Count Papermate Pens, 2 Eight Count Mechanical Pencils, Soft Scrub Total, Nivea Body Wash, 55 yds of Oral-B Dental Floss, 2 Four Packs of Activia, 1 jar of Skippy Crunchy Peanut Butter

Original Price: 23.87 Saved: 15.40
Spent: $8.47

I am thinking that is pretty good since it is my first time to use coupons! :) Now the second week I didn't do so good at least I do not think so but maybe that is only because I spent more than $10.

1 Gillette Body Wash, 1 Tide Detergent Single, 3 Baby Wipes, 2 Bottles Suave Deodorant, 1 pkg Bic Razors, 1 pkg Energizer Battery, 1 pkg Activia, 4 Johnson & Johnson First Aid Package, Colgate Total, Colgate Max + Toothbrush, 2 Four Packs of Expo Dry-Erase Markers, 2 Bottles Gain Dishwashing Soap, 1 Bottle Dawn Dishwashing Soap, 2 80 Count Splenda Essentials, 1 All You Magazine

Original Price: $56.55 Saved: 26.98
Spent: $29.57

So here is my couponing for the past two weeks! I am pretty proud of myself! :) Maybe I will do just as well next week! Oh and if you are wondering where all of my groceries are, we haven't bought groceries in almost three weeks. Somehow we are living on the food that we have and every night we are able to pick out a wonderful meal! I guess we did good our first grocery shopping trip! :)

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