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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Have you ever used the wrong kitchen utensil to get a job done?

This week, my friend Stephanie and I took a little girl's weekend to the beach. Oh, it was so nice and relaxing! When we first arrived, we went grocery shopping so we did not have to eat out every meal and since my grandmother and great-aunt were there we decided we would do something nice for them. Since they are both diabetic we decided to buy Sugar Free cake mix and make them a cake, which turned into cupcakes as well.

Of course, when you are staying at a condo you have issues with finding all of the necessary utensils so... we had to make do. Here is me, stirring the cake mix with an egg beater. (Actually, I think it is an egg beater I am not really sure, ha!) Luckily, my friend Stephanie decided to video this.


It is hard to tell what I am saying but if you pay attention to my hands you can tell that I am having a really hard time mixing up this cake mix!

The end result was wonderful and I have actually found that I am a huge fan of sugar free cake! It sounds healthy to me, why not make it like this all of the time! It could just be that a lot of love was put into making this specific cake!

Have you ever used the wrong kitchen utensil to get a job done?

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