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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let's Talk Muffins

Warning: There are no pictures that will be attached to this post!!!

Let's talk muffins...

This morning, my sweet grandmother decided to fix me breakfast, since she has been staying with me this weekend.  She got up early and let me sleep in while she cooked.  It was so nice to wake up to the smell of food being cooked I felt like such a kid.  I went downstairs and was surprised that she made my favorite... muffins.  

She told me they tasted a little different and obviously I did not immediately understand until I went in the kitchen and she had cooked them in a cake pan.  She did not want to wake me so she went the alternate route and used whatever she could find.  (I hear that I hide my muffin pans... oops!)

A couple of  years ago she bought me a brownie pan (which I call a cake pan) off of QVC.  I know... my grandmother is that lady! It has these nice dividers so after the brownie (or cake) is baked you do not have to cut it.  There are already single serving cut pieces.  I do really love this pan! But back to the muffins...

Muffins just do not taste the same unless they are made in a muffin pan.  Brownie shaped muffins just taste funny and I want answers!!! There has to be a reason for this!! 

Have a great day!!  

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