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Sunday, January 15, 2012


I guess things have changed and not only is that sweet husband of mine trying to eat better but I am obsessing over "healthy" food.  One of the biggest things that I have become obsessed with is the avocado.  

I love them and they are healthy for you.  They are a great substitute to put on a sandwich instead of mayonnaise.  (Well, this is what I hear anyway.)  My favorite way to eat this is as guacamole.  If anybody really knows me you know that before a month ago I would not eat guacamole because of its resemblance to baby poop.  Which of course, I love babies but I do not want to eat anything that looks like their poop.

Other things that I have learned to love it Aldi.  Do you have an Aldi where you live?  Check here. This is obviously where I buy my avocados.  Every time I get them they are not ripe yet so they last longer and you can buy things that are on sale and not have to worry about using them that day.  I love Aldi! :)

So, back to the avocados... since I have been making guacamole, I have enjoyed using my food processor that I got for Christmas.  I absolutely love it and am trying to find different ways to use it to make multiple delicious things!

That's all for now! Have a great day!!

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