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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh how I love Saturday's!!

Well, we thought that it was going to rain today and we were going to have to stay inside all day! That wouldn't be a very fun afternoon now would it?

The day started out like any other, I got to get my beauty rest while Shannon woke up at sunrise to go turkey hunting. (I didn't even think that he went turkey hunting, I guess I learn things every day). Then, he came back home to go to sleep while I got up, ate my breakfast, and waited until my mom came to eat lunch! :) Of course, I couldn't eat without Shannon so I basically watched mom eat her pizza! When Shannon woke up we got to eat at one of my favorite places!!!

Of course, I didn't go all out and get the largest hamburger that they had... I do not think I can handle it.

Then, we decided to spend some quality time together on the green. The golf course that is.

Well, I won so I guess it was a good day!! :) All it took to complete the day was a lemonade slush from Sonic!! AHHHH!!!

Now for some quiet time alone at the house! :)

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