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Friday, March 18, 2011

Saving Money Isn't Always Easy

I try to do everything I can to save money! The latest project I have attempted is to print out my own wedding invitations. I looked into it a little before I decided to go on this journey and it did not seem like it would be that bad. Little did I know that I would have to jump through hoops to make it all happen.

My mother, being the sweetheart that she is bought the invitations at Wal-Mart whenever Shannon and I became engaged. We were relieved because we had everything that we needed all we had to do was print them out. Well, since we had a year long engagement we waited until three months before the wedding to start the printing process. Since we have waited for nine months now to start we were traumatized to find out that the invitations came only 25 to a box and not 50 like she first thought. This would have been fine if Wal-Mart still had the invitations in their inventory.

To get the same invitations, we looked everywhere. When I say everywhere I do mean that we went to 4 different Wal-Mart's and even looked at their online store. No Luck!! I went to the on-line store of the company and after two days of actually looking through everything on their site I finally found them!!! So I ordered them, all 3 boxes that I needed. You must think that is the end and the story is over right? Not so much!

I got a call two days later... they do not deliver to PO boxes. SO... I had to get them delivered to my parents house over an hour drive away! Sounds good of course but now I have them and I am having to put them in the printer one sheet at a time. There are 125 invitations with 4 sections to each invitation so therefore, we have 500 sheets of paper that I get to put into the printer individually. Not including the envelopes that will account for 625 peices of paper inserted individually. Oh and I forgot the stickers that seal the envelopes. There are 3 per box so for 5 boxes (2 I already had and the 3 I just had delivered)that would be a total of 640 pieces of paper. I believe that I have a long night ahead of me.

So, moral of the story. If you receive an invitation to my wedding and I find it in the trash please do not get offended if I am horribly upset. :)

Although this may take forever to finish I am glad that I could save money while planning my wedding! I would recommend to anyone, especially someone with a lot of patience!

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