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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I need to confess some things about myself!

  1. I like to convince myself that I am in great shape. 
  2. I am not in great shape. 
  3. I said I had to go to the bathroom during my run/walk this morning because I had a fear I would fall off of the treadmill and die. 
  4. My bathroom break was my second break from our morning workout. 
Yes, today was me and my husbands first day at the gym. 

5 A.M. will come early in the morning so I have got to get my rest and finish my school work.  But, just to keep a little record of how we did today... we ran/walked for 3 miles and it was a little less than an hour.  Since it was our first day I expect to do a little better in the weeks to come. 

Oh and side note... the gym is hot even before you start to work out so wear some shorts and a short sleeve shirt.  Even if it is 30 degrees outside. 

I am sure this is exactly what I looked like this morning.  Specifically 0:35

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