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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Arghhh.... Happy Birthday Cam!!

Last week was my youngest nephews birthday! He turned 4 and was extremely excited about having all of his family together... okay, so it was the presents that the family brought that made him happy. We can all dream a 4 year old would be this excited to see his family!

I know I could have cropped his face out of the picture but then I would cut my grandfather out and I would hate to do that!

The funniest part of his birthday party were the things that he would say! Like this picture for instance which was taken after he said, (with the biggest smile on his face) I have wanted this my WHOLE life!!

This gift was a "pirate sword" if you cannot tell. The party was Pirate themed!

One of my best photos of the day was of Layton (my oldest nephew) and Shannon! Of course, the picture would not be complete without a pirate hook!

Well I forgot about this picture... I guess it is a toss up for my favorite. This is my dad with Zoe putting an earring in his ear to make him a real pirate.

Trying to clip the earring to his ear...

My father the pirate...

Once again... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAM!!

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