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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday!!

I am thankful for many things and many people. The one person that I am most thankful for is my mother. She has helped me so much throughout the past year especially with planning the wedding. Today while I was at my parents, of course alone because they were working, I realized where I got my creativity from. Well... okay, I always knew where it came from!

These are pictures I took in her yard today...

The Flower Garden

This is the chair that my grandfather made for me whenever I was a little girl. He made a chair that was large enough to fit me and a smaller chair that fit my babydoll. Of course there was a table that went between us and we had the best tea parties!

These are her beautiful flowers that decorate her whole yard! I do not know one person who does not love them!

And this, is her secret garden! When we first moved into this house there were over 100 pine trees. Between all of the pine trees there was a little flower garden with a bird bath that was hidden by bushes. It was beautiful but of course it was ruined with the cutting down of the trees. This is all we have left!

Thanks for everything mom! I love you!

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