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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bridal Shower!!!

Last Sunday I had a wonderful bridal shower that was thrown by many friends, and by many I mean there are a lot of people to name! I received many things that I greatly appreciate and love every single thing!! I have not uploaded my pictures from my camera but I do have some from one of those before mentioned friends Ellane Gilmore! She is one of the main people who made this day possible!

This is a picture of My Mothers Mother, Me and My Mother

Me and my grandmother have always been very close and for her to be there with me and my mom on this day was very special to me! My other grandmother was there as well but we did not get a picture together! We will have to next time! I actually cannot believe that I do not have one! Maybe it is on my camera!

Proudest moment of the day... My dress cost me $1.00!! :) I love this dress from Ann Taylor!

This is the cake! I would love to give credit to the lady that made the cake but I honestly do not remember! If anyone knows please inform me!

And lastly, one of my flower arrangements with zebra and pink! I love it! I could not have asked for anything to better describe myself!

When I upload my pictures I am sure that I will upload some more pictures from this wonderful day!! Not too much longer now until we are married!!

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