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Thursday, May 5, 2011

05-05-2011 Happy Anniversary To Us!!

Well... it is anniversary time around this household! Today, Shannon and I have officially been together for 2 years! Thankfully my hair has grown out in this time and I am able to make cuter pictures. But since I guess we are already here I will show you some of our first together!

Here is our first picture together:

Obviously we had a little finger in the way thanks to Cassie but we still got our first picture out of the way. It looks like I was not the only one who was having a bad hair day! (Sorry babe!)

Our First Holiday: (Halloween)

Our First Hunting Trip:

Our First Christmas Tree:

Our First Christmas Picture:

Our First New Years Together:

Our First House:

Our First Get Together at The House:

First Braves Game:

My Engagement Ring!!:

My First Sign and His First Job as an NP:

First New Vehicle:
Okay, I guess I just have big dreams!!

Happy 2nd year anniversary to Shannon and I! By the way, I am sure that there will be a post similar to this May 15th - The Day We Became Engaged!!! and probably a week after May 21st - Our Wedding Day!!

Thanks for reading and I feel a pretty nifty project coming on soon! :)

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