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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Today Shannon and I went walking with some friends at the Riverwalk in Columbus. It was relaxing the first mile but on the second mile my knee started acting up. I know I probably could have prevented this with my knee brace but it was just so hot! We walked a total of 2 miles. Let's just say I am very out of shape! I took my camera to take pictures but it was too heavy to carry. (yes, this shows how out of shape I am). Hopefully I will be in better shape soon! I swear I think I obtained abs today!! :)

Tonight I'm watching The Voice. It was so extremely hard for me to figure out which one I was going to watch... The Voice or Body of Proof. Such a tough decision! Thought I would give twitter commentary along with The Voice so that made my choice pretty easy!

Have a good night! - Jess

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