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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Thoughts!!

Well since I just spend 2 hours on my last post I decided that I needed to cheer up my blog a little bit. There was just a little bit too much sadness in that last one! I have to admit I cried a little. On to something a little happier...

1. On Thursday Shannon and I will be a happy couple for 2 years! Yes it is hard to believe that two years ago on Thursday I sat in a clothes basket in my parents laundry room and talked to that boy for 6 hours. Well, obviously I did not sit in the clothes basket for the full 6 hours because my phone continuously died but, you try keeping a full battery for 6 full hours!! Just to wierd you people out a little bit the first thing we realized we had in common was our interest in John Wayne Gacy and crawl spaces. I wrote a paper about him in High School I am sure in those six hours we talked about high school and this is how this subject came up. Strange I know!

2. On the 15th of May Shannon and I will be engaged for a year! He proposed at the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta, Georgia which I believe is one of the most beautiful places! I do not have the pictures uploaded on this computer so I will share them closer to the fifteenth!!

3. We are getting married the 21st of May!! I know, we broke our rule of 5. We started seeing each other on the 5th, were engaged on year later on the 15th but the 25th landed during the week so it was not ideal for the wedding! Oh well, at least we got almost ten days apart!

4. We will be headed to the Mountains for our honeymoon and I cannot wait! I have never been to the mountains so this will be a new adventure for me. I am not really outdoorsy I am more of a beach bum. Maybe nature will be nice to me!

5. We get to come home and relax as a happily married couple and then I leave for the beach. I know, I know, I am going to be a horrible wife by leaving my husband two weeks after the wedding but he seems to be okay with it. :)

I will be so busy between now and the wedding... I have to:

1. Write thank-you cards for the wedding gifts. (Seriously if you would like to help me sort through all of them I would appreciate it, they are stacked and stacked in the living room until we have no room to walk!)

2. Call the photographer - I really forgot what I was suppose to call her about but it has something to do with pictures I am sure!

3. Call the lady who is doing the cake! Oh my goodness do not let me get started on this one! I am so far behind! I should probably meet her in town tomorrow, in fact I am writing myself a note right now to do that!

4. Finish my observation hours in my classroom.

5. Write 2 more papers and 2 more power points for my class assignments. All work and observations have to be finished by the 16th.

6. Get dresses fitted and decide to tell bridesmaids that they just need to wear shoes I do not care if they match. Too much trouble for them to get matching anything.


I can really make a happy situation turn into a stressful one! I got stressed out just typing that last part! Oh well, guess that means bed time is coming soon!!

Busy day tomorrow!! Goodnight Loves!

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